Captain Stabbin Review

Captain Stabbin Review


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While anal sex and fun on a boat rarely makes it into a category by itself. Captain Stabbin makes us open one in our minds, this amazing idea brought to live by Reality Kings is definitely worth checking it out. Hosting one or more girls with an excellent disposition, CaptainStabbin does exactly this. Anals on boats, what more could we ask for. The girls in the site are incredibly good looking and the stories surely make a great boner material. Particularly, I wasn’t sure what to expect when I clicked on it from Milf Hunter, however, I was immediately impressed and tempted by this site.

Captain Stabbin Review Updated 2016

The idea of being chilling in a boat and then get the chance to penetrate some asses that looks like this would make me wake up absolutely wet if it was a dream. And did a great jerk off as well to complete the objective. Summing like they do on these girls on these boats sounds is an amazing experience to look at. Super hot babes, ultra creamy facials, group anal fun, anal drilling, bathing suits and gorgeous tans are all around CaptainStabbin, the boat you will dream forever on being in a party.

I think the site’s theme it’s great, anal adventures written in indiana jones font lets you know you are going to have a nice time in here. There are models from over the 9,000 RK Network girls catalog, and the close up anal action will get every juice on your body flow faster.

The girls on the Captain Stabbing boats have their asses ready and stretched for you to come in and join the page, it doesn’t have that much videos, with a little over 250 videos that go for about half an hour each. They are available for online streaming and direct download in MP4 and windows media files in 1080 high definition videos.

Girls like to ride on boats, and they love sex too, so it actually makes all sense in the world. Why be working 10 hours a day for minimum wage when you can go get tanned and fucked on the ass at Captain Stabbin. Sometimes there’s a crew of girls and sometimes a girl takes the cock from the whole crew. The site is a pretty good deal on its own, besides, it features an included access to the rest of the Reality Kings networks.

Regular people doesn’t usually live on or have a boat, so whenever we are on one we feel kind of fancy, and fancy tends to lead to horny. Therefore, when we get on a boat we get horny too, and to get aboard of the CaptainStabbin would be the bomb, is not just great to visualize fucking in the deck of the boat, but to get to do it on the ass makes it so much better. Not just that, these delicious girls are eager to swallow cum sometimes, or get the cum all over, after all, they are just a  jump away from the ocean, anything can happen.

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