Mike in Brazil Review

Mike in Brazil Review

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If you do a survey and ask a ton of people which country do they prefer their girls from, or what nationality makes you fantasise about an awesome fuck, I’m sure brazil and brazilians figure in the top of the class. Brazilians have a recipe for hotness that the rest of the country’s just dont. The brazilian booties feature the most delicious girls in the world, a great cum is assured once you get to see her naked.

Something about their color, that looks so tanned and beautiful, as if they were closer to the sun, and something about their accent makes you feel sure that things can get crazy in any Mike in Brazil videos. The site is part of the Reality Kings network, which allows you access to the rest of the network sites, including Street Blowjobs, First Time auditions, Milf hunter, team Squirt and Milf next door. This makes it a great offer for anyone looking to have some fun.

There are over 500 movies  in the MikeinBrazil site, most of them high definition. Available in full 1080 HD, from the creators of Mike’s apartment, Mike in Brazil brings us a reality style of mike and his friends fucking some on these unbelievable asses and pussies.

Besides from their natural hotness, brazilians are known to be one of the craziest group of people we can find in the world, and possibly the girls who can give you the orgasms of your life, regardless of the life you’ve to. Even Mike must think this way. Definitely they have a god given talent for sucking cock, and a pussy pounding limit yet to be discovered. Imagine going to brazil for a couple of days and asking a random stranger, who looks like a Victoria Secret angel, to cum fuck with you, now imagine they say yes. Bingo. Here you are

The site is made for a male audience I guess, since pussies are not pampered at all, the girls are discovered, convinced into sucking cock, open up their legs and let themselves have a great time, of course we can see some guy blowing the girl eventually in some videos, but the dick is the winner in this page for sure.

Mike and his friends dicks gets inside Brazil’s top. Top pussies that like to take it rough in a big variety of positions, downloadable in the usual RK format, for windows media or MP4 files. The MikeinBrazil site has been up for over 10 years and the amazonian babes definitely will make your while worth.

They still update it more than once a month and the girls quality remains intact, and most importantly, they are true brazilians. So if you take a moment to appreciate that they went to Brazil to allow us to see these girls makes it reasonable to access the site.

Although the older videos are not in real HD and the download limit of 10 gb/day could be a bummer for some, Mike in Brazil is definitely a good one from the Reality Kings Network.

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