Money Talks Review

MoneyTalks Porn Review


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Money Talks is a very peculiar site, it brings us the most believable action on random street whores  that are willing to do some crazy things for quick cash rewards. This site is flooded with originality, it shows us from fast food windows action, to an ambulance with a hot naked girl touching herself, to girls climbing naked a high wall of dildos. Glory-holes, department store actions, outdoor sports turning into sexball and much more surprises!

If you decide to join this site after reading our Money Talks review, use the $1.00 trial to get 2 full days of access to the site if you don’t want to pay for a full membership.

On the downside they don’t upload it as much as they could or should, but the access to the other Reality Kings networks definitely make up for that. There are over 200 videos and they upload new ones once around every two weeks. Movies come in full HD for both online streaming and downloading, downloads come in Windows media Format and MP4, and most of them are already in 1080 HD quality.

We all love to see these type of shows or movies, and we would love to approach a girl or group as well and just ask them to do something with a lot of cash in hand I’m sure. The best thing about this site is that you never know what to expect, when you open a random video it can either be a fun to watch and get a boner video, or some really hardcore action that you wouldn’t last 10 minutes stroking yourself.

Although the updates are not that frequent, watching the totality of the page videos would take a long time, and they feature great stories and fuck rallies. However, it’s always on top and on the look for what’s real. The first set of videos to come out is still running low on quality and haven’t been brought to HD as we want them to be, but the site definitely has its value.

High definition and low definition options are at least very well marked and separate for you to not waste your time on lower definitions if you are not up for it. Still, some countries and people with slower internet access will be grateful to still be able to watch porn, as the HD quality standard might me restrictive for some velocities.

At Money Talks porn site, we can get to see girls riding dildo powered bulls, blowing a dude right where they are located and filming or doing just some of the craziest stunts out there for some cash. The MoneyTalks idea is not just for you to watch what people are willing to do for money, but to enjoy it as it happens. The episodes brings us to a new level of reality and fun, with money in the middle, talking. Seducing girls to do the craziest and hottest thing our hosts can think of. Of course some of them do looked acted out, but the site does bring something new to the table, which makes us users interested. Reality Kings did it again, they knew what they were going for and got it. Just hope they add more videos.

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